October Equal Opportunity Fund announced by AAY

AAY Investments Group are pleased to announce their new October Equal Opportunity Fund.

This specific Fund was created for the benefit of innovative projects. The aim is to encourage project owners who can demonstrate good potential and growth along with the creation of jobs and prosperity for the Countries in which they are located.

Additionally, we have interest to assist the Established Companies who have the ability and enthusiasm to expand their current activities. Another area of interest to AAY is companies who are poised to expand and diversify into a new industry or technology to improve their current portfolio.

This year 2020 is an exciting time where entrepreneurs can expand by purchasing undervalued projects for expansion. All industries would be considered. Now is the time to move forward to make 2020 the year for you.

Those who have a viable project, please visit our official secure website. Project owners or their representatives should in the first instance submit an application by using only the official AAY Investments Group secure website in the inquiry section.