Nairobi Kenya Fund Launched to Accommodate Maxed-out AAY Fund

Following the success of AAYs Investments Group Kenya Fund, which was fully taken up during the month of August by an extremely high volume of quality applications. We have decided to launch a second super larger Fund which will be the Nairobi Kenya Fund. The Capacity of this Fund will be four times the size […]
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African Loan Investment Programs Expand at AAY

AAY Investments Group is pleased to announce its decision to expand our Loan Investments programs for Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya for 2020. The Industries of interest are, medical, transportation, real estate developments, banking, mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, shipping and telecommunications. The benefit of our Loan Investment programs is that they give an opportunity for business […]
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AAY Creates 6 Development Funds

AAY Investment Group is pleased to announce the creation of six new development Funds. These exciting new Funds open up into areas previously not serviceable. AAY will be now focusing on the development of investments in the following Countries. Our research has shown that the above Countries have been identified for growth and millionaire wealth […]
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