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AAY Expands Global Partnerships with Financial Support to Small Banks, Businesses

AAY expands partnerships with small banks globally, providing clients access to exceptional funding terms beyond local banking standards. With decades of success across various industries, their advanced financial options, accessible on their secure website, cater to businesses seeking low-cost funding solutions.
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AAY launches Indonesia Recovery Fund

AAY Investments Group launches the new Indonesia Recovery Fund. This new Fund is specifically for projects that have fallen victim to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and require restarting. The benefits of the new Indonesia Fund are the ability to provide capital that will be needed to complete unfinished development projects and finance the […]
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AAY Launches 5 New Funds for Africa

AAY Investments group is pleased to announce the launch of five new Funds dedicated to the growing African countries that have shown continuing development growth during the first quarter of 2021. Resilience in all industries sectors have out performed initial expectations which resulted in a greater volume of projects that were funded by AAY investments […]
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AAY Realizes Successful Quarter

The first three months of 2021 have proven successful for projects with owners who had the confidence to proceed despite Pandemic times. Their success was enabled by AAY Investments Group funding who invested in these projects on generous terms to enable the realization. Now has never been a better time to pursue a profitable project […]
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Innovative Green Fund Launched

AAY Investments Group is pleased to announce the launch of the March New Innovative Green Fund. Suitable projects are those in the green industries, as an example, organic farming, greenhouse, green field’s energy, green building, green alternative fuels and all other hybrid green projects. We are also interested to hear from applicants who may have […]
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