AAY Team set to announce new, extended programs in 2024

The management and staff here at AAY are looking forward to another exceptional year.

Following on from last year’s expansion with a record number of applications, we are excited to shortly announce the new and extended programs for 2024.

A small preview includes the continuation of the famous JV 100% funding with low interest rates. It was proven to be the most successful program as confirmed by our clients for 2023.

We began the first week of 2024 with an unprecedented number of applications all seeking the JV 100% funding program.

This year will also see our company add Bitcoin to new programs following the recent approval of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset and acceptable alternative for collateral.

We have also increased the space and capacity to double last year’s lending totals.

We intend to expand our offerings to more countries as well as add more industries in an effort to extend our portfolio, which continues to grow rapidly.

For persons wanting to be successful with their projects and ventures in 2024, we recommend contacting AAY Investments Group via our official secure website and submit your application in the inquiry section.

Please be sure to watch the videos on our website to learn more about AAY Investments Group and how to submit your project application.