AAY Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

In these fast changing times within the financial industry Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly important commodity for investors and for payment processing.

Mark Manson confirmed in an interview with Business News that Bitcoin is being adopted within many countries that have foreign currency restrictions and lack of freely available US$ Dollars. This is a way to send payments overseas without having to go through the conventional banking systems or requiring Central Banks approval.

The process allows a person in their own country to purchase Bitcoin using local unrestricted currency and then transfer the Bitcoins anywhere in the world to pay for a service or business transaction within minutes.

AAY Investments Group joins the ranks of Blackstone Capital and Fidelity Investments to name just two, who are now accepting Bitcoin as a method for transferring transaction payments.

To learn more on Bitcoin transactions and to see how this could benefit you, please visit our secure office website and submit your project request for payment to AAY by Bitcoin.