AAY Investments Group Reopens!

AAY Investments Group is pleased to announce we have now reopened after the Seasons Holidays and look forward to another vibrant financing year for 2023.

To kick off this New Year we have decided to reward our current clients with benefits and opportunities for their projects by continuing to allow them to have last year’s historically low interest rates.

This is a massive saving for clients and our way of saying thank you for choosing the CFI awarded Best International Financing Team of 2022.

As the saying goes, “ time is money” this means new client applications should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid disappointment caused from the anticpated backlog due to the large demand that is being generated by this special discounted interest program.

To submit in an application for funding, please visit AAY Investments Group Panama official secure website and submit a request via the inquiry section, for which you will receive a prompt reply following initial review of the application.

All professional introducers and finance brokers are welcome worldwide to work with AAY Investments Group which their position will be fully protected for commissions when submitting their clients projects applications.