Client Brief: Nigeria $6M

Client Brief: Nigeria $6M

Country overview

Country name: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Government Type: federal presidential republic

Population: 230,842,743 (2023 est.)

Economic overview

One of the largest West African economies; oil-dependent exports, revenues, and credit; COVID-19 and oil price shocks have resulted in slowing growth, high inflation, increasing unemployment; frequent disruptions due to political instability, especially in the north

Real GDP (purchasing power parity)

$1.05 trillion (2021 est.)

$1.014 trillion (2020 est.)

$1.032 trillion (2019 est.)

note: data are in 2017 dollars
country comparison to the world: 25

List of Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

  • Investing in FGN Savings Bonds.
  • Mini Importation Business.
  • Invest in Gold.
  • Invest in stocks.
  • Treasury Bills.
  • Buy Properties, Invest in Real Estates.
  • Investing in Agriculture.
  • Uber/Taxify Business.